Validation results of Capella rules and M2Doc documentation generation.

I would like to extract model validation results via M2Doc for inclusion in documentation generation.
I am working with Capella 1.2.0 at the moment and M2Doc is working properly.
I do not know how to access the results of the Information View with AQL query.
To me, this information is not part of the Capella model, so I will not be able to access it.
Has anyone ever done something similar?
It might be possible to code the Capella rules in the Word template for M2Doc but I do not want to do it for the moment.

It is not possible to do something like that so far with M2Doc.
Instead of “coding” the validation rules in the word template, it would require to develop (in Java) a new service to be called in the word template in order to insert a table with the result of the validation rules.