use superclass in viewpoint

Can you try this :

The “TransactionHelper” element give me an error and I find nothing to replace it… In which library does it come from?

you’ll find this class in “org.polarsys.capella.common.helpers” plug-in

Sorry but I don’t find this class in the plugin you mentioned… (see the joined picture)…
And when I try to force the import, I still don’t find the class…


Is that depend on the CapellaStudio version used? because I am using the 1.0.0 version… but I really don’t find the org.polarsys.capella.common.helpers.TransactionHelper…


Well… I found what you taught about… It is only available on the 1.1.0 version… Version on which the viewpoint generation doesn’t work (for me…)… I am in a vicious circle… :’(

Well, I’m surprised.
This class has always existed in Capella (at least since 0.8.0 version).
But, the packages you are showing in your screenshot are coming from “org.polarsys.capella.common” and not “org.polarsys.capella.common.helpers” (?)

Well… I don’t know how but now, Capella founds my TransactionHelper… maybe I used a wrong plugin…
Should I set exactly the same as the code you set? because the part “dataPkg.getOwnedExtensions()” is in error too…
You can see the picture joined to see what I can set instead.

Thank you very much Jean for your help.
I adapted the code of Jean as shown bellow and it works fine.
The Java file is attached to this message.
Boubekeur Zendagui.

I am trying to do the same kind of thing with the interfaces.
Well… I think I am doing the same things :
In the .data: - superclass external cs.InterfacePkg
In the .af: I changed the “setOwnDataPkg” by “set OwnInterfacePkg” but nothing happened…
Is there something I done wrong? I guess yes what…?

To answer to my question… I found a solution but I can’t explain it…
Well… I got a NullPointerException somewhere but not error message was catched! And after long time of investigation and the help of a colleague, he found that fhe error was in theHelper.
There was a little comment said “unfortunately the generator was unable to find appropriate helper class”…
I don’t know what the Helper is made for but the solution he found is to change the “throw new HellerNotFoundException” by “return new ArrayList()”
Can someone explain me how the helper should work?

I’m still interested by the answer of my previous question (if someone is inspired ^^).
But I am in front of a new problematic thing… I just want to use the superclass external xx.yyyyy in my .data file. so I use it like this :
I don’t create a diagram file. Only a Ui for this viewpoint.
When I try to use the viewpoint, I see a double property part in my LogicalFunction…
You can see it in the picture in linked file
Have anyone an idea to explain why I have this double thing?
(I precise that all the fields are linked and the both screens change together).