Updating RPL <-- from REC <-- from model

I noticed the following:

  • When importing a LIBRARY of capella elements, you cannot modify the imported library (RECs) directly, you have to open the project containing the library where it was made, in order to be abe to modify the RECs, is that correct?
  • Updating RPLs from REC, does NOT update its property values groups contents, meaning that if you added a PVG to your REC, it would not appear in the RPL IF you had made the RPL BEFORE adding the PVG to the REC and updating the RPL. Was that a bug?
    New RPL do contain the new PVG, however old ones would not get it even if you made an update.


Even tried to select the PVG i want to add in the RPL by double clicking it and moving it to that menu in the middle at the bottom, it did not work:

The only solution is to delete the first RPL and create a new one.

I think you should ask this question in the Capella category.

You were too quick, I was going to move it one minute ago! (Yeap just realized)

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