Updating models from a library

Hi all,

I want to use Capella to model a set of independent software systems. These systems share a set of so-called core components that I expect to model just in one place.

My understanding is that the recommended way of doing that is:

  1. create a capella library containing the models of core components
  2. create a REC from the library
  3. create a capella project for system X
  4. within the project make a RPL with the library’s REC
  5. use the core components in the system’s model

Assuming the above sequence of steps is the way to go, how do I need to proceed to update (e.g. add a port) a core component (in the library) and make the updated component available in the system’s project?


Hello Salva,

Having used libraries in capella, I can confirm that that the steps you mentioned are the way to go for using libraries. I might Add that before step 4, you will need to reference your library in the created project for system X (See image below)

I’ll try to answer your question about updating library elements as best I know
For that you will need to :
1- Make the changes in the library as intended
2-Once you’ve saved the changes you made to your library, you will need to update the record that you created in the library (i.e the record of the changed elements). For this you will have to : Right click on the record -> REC/RPL -> update REC -> choose your updated elements (you will be promted with a window listing the different elements to be updated. See image below)

3-Confirm the changes and update the REC
4- Go to your capella project of system X and right click on the RPL instantiated from the REC that you updated and select REC/RPL -> “update selected RPL from its REC” as shown in the image below

4- You will have to then confirm the changes in the prompted window and click OK

PS: the images are from capella 1.3.1 so if you are using a newer version of capella be mindful of any changes of the contextual menu (if there are any)


Hi Hassene, thanks for your detailed and clear response!