Update repository URL? github.com/eclipse/capella?


New user here on Capella 6.0 & Windows 10 and enjoying it very much.

I know that 6.1 is out, but wanted to try Capella to download and install this update via Help/Check for Updates.

I got message: No updates found. For the software sites I have https://github.com/eclipse/capella. This repository is flagged as currently not available.

Is this the correct repository?

I also tried the with the same result (repository currently not available):

  1. …/core/updates/releases
  2. …/releases

(As a new user, I cannot post more than two links)



Hi Mirko,

The easiest way to obtain a new Capella version is to download a ready-to-use package from Capella MBSE Tool - Download
Ex. Capella 6.1 Windows 64-bit

Updatesite are generally used for add-ons installation/updates.


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