Upcoming features and improvements in Capella 1.3.0 ?

No, this list does not exist yet, or at least, the wiki is not updated in live.
This is to guarantee a big audience to the “what"s new” yearly Christmas webinar
(kidding, of course)
More seriously the idea is good, but the development team is already pretty busy

Any possibility to have just the main improvements & features, as an appetizer?
I believe there will be a feature ‘mass edition’, I suppose there are some other major features that you could mention?
I don’t need a full and accurate list, just some novelties to advertize the upcoming version.

Table edition, table visualization, diagram ergonomics improvements (management of hidden elements), enhanced navigation towards diagrams, and some small things. Actually, quite a few of the 1.3 evolutions have also been made available in 1.2.1 in the beginning of the summer.
And regarding the add-ons,
PVMT is the next big big thing: register to the webinar in one week!
A generic filtering add-on will also be available by the end of the year

Thank you Stéphane, that’s exactly the level of information I needed!