Unsynchronized vptext File? + Ecore not being updated/ SHA-256 digest error for model/ModelingCore

Do you know how, why/when does something like this happen?

My vptext SPEC has an “unsynchronized” next to its name.

Is it by any chance, because I am referring in my odesign file to classes that are not declared in the ecore? Or is it something else?

Second problem:
I am writing some classes in the vptext, yet the newly added classes would not be updated in ecore after doing a “generate viewpoint” (yet the config file contains this mention set to True => OverwriteEcore: true)

Strangely enough, the ODESIGN file (already existing and not overwritten => overwrite set to False) would NOT reconize the new classes… (CTRL+Space would not show the new classes only the one I had before).

If you have any feedback, thanks.

Edit: I think i launched a runtime too fast, it hadnt the time to synchronize or something. I tried to restart few times, and the problem went away. Even Ecore is beign updated. However the Odesign ctrl+space feature would not work for the new new classes UNLESS you restart Capella Studio.

Edit: I got another error message, any idea what it could be? (In ANOTHER different capella studio instance)


Maybe, try to be sure that in the spec, you do refer to all the external metamodels you need.

“Unsynchronized” vptext files append when it is not possible to synchronize the content of the vpdesc file and the vptext file. Maybe the vptext file has some lexical issues or maybe references to unknown elements (the external metamodels you are referring to ?).

If the ecore is not regenerated then it is not possible to refer to the new classes (that do not exists) in the odesign. I would recommend to delete the ecore and the generated code and then to regenerate the code (take care to backup the custom code before):

Maybe some cache mechanism storing an old version of the ecore file or something related to the workspace. Anyways at some point a little restart of the workspace is indeed fixing some troubles :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No idea, never seen this. Try searching for it elsewhere, maybe a problem with an other plugin unrelated to Capella Studio ? :slight_smile:


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Thank you, i will keep this solution in mind for future errors.

Yes absolutely.

I wonder. I still have this error, its related to the workspace, because i tend to copy paste workspaces from CS to another CS…
Maybe related to Admin rights or something.
It generates fine though, so it is not bothering me much right now.

New error ahah,
“update job” has encountered a problem.

Googling “update job error eclipse”, sent me here:
Update Job Exception on startup · Issue #10768 · dbeaver/dbeaver · GitHub

Significant response:

Maybe the problem exists only in capella Studio 5.1 and not ont the latter ones. In any case, I thought it could help. (edit: I dont have a github account that I use often, will consider posting it there when I have time to get my access back/ or new account)