Uninstalling before reinstalling

Bob Collins here.

I have installed Capella 6 from the download on Windows 7 but it stopped working after about twenty hours with diagrams corrupted.

I need to uninstall prior to reinstalling but I have no option to do that. It does not appear on my programs list.

Can you advise please?

Bob Collins

Hi Bob,
(not useful here, but it may come at some point: it is either Capella 6.0.0 or Capella 6.1.0)
There is no uninstallation for Capella, as the installation is just unzipping a file.
So you may download and unzip Capella again, in a different folder, and launch it.
The thing you need to keep is the “workspace” folder where your model is located. It would be, by default, a sub-folder where you unzipped Capella the first time. You may move this folder anywhere else on your drive and then make your new Capella instance point to it when you launch it.
I hope this helps.

Thanks Stéphane, I really appreciate the help. Bob

Based on the above, my understanding is that if I would like to update my 6.0.0 to 6.1, I should just download the 6.1, uninstall the 6.0, install 6.1, then import my projects to 6.1, and migrate them from 6.0 to 6.1. Is that the correct way? If so, what is the function of the “Available Software Sites” in Preferences and how to use that “Install New Software…” option? I could not find any clear material on that subject. For me, as a new user, it is very challenging to understand the Capella update process philosophy. Thank you in advance.


You do not need to “uninstall Capella 6.0.0” if you don’t want to. You can have multiple versions running on your machine if you want. But beyond this comment, what you described is correct.

The “Available Software Sites” thing, I am not 100% sure what you are referring to, but I suppose you are referring the “Install New Software” function from the Help Menu: these are used to install Capelal add-ons.

You’ll find more detailed information on Capella installation and Capella add-ons installation on this page: capella/How to install Capella and Addons.mediawiki at master · eclipse/capella · GitHub


Thank you Stephane, I’ve found the solution. It was just my mistake.