Unable to understand .aird and .melodymodeller files

Hello ,

I have to do a little work with Capella and to do so I must understand in which kind of format the Capella projects are saved on the computer. So far I haven’t gotten very far.

For example, I realized that when you open a Capella project with the file explorer, you discover several files. In particular the .project, .afm, .aird, .melodymodeller files. Now I am trying to understand the contents of these files and their interactions with each other, but I am unable to do so. Does anyone have a link to a video, a book, a document or any other reference that would allow me to fully understand the role of each of these files as well as their content?


.melodymodeller (1.4.x) / .capella (5.0) is the semantic model, it contains components, functions, capabilities, and all capella concepts.
.aird is the file containing the diagrams (which element is displayed, graphical positions, etc)
.project is metadata file containing the name of the project and its nature (project or library)
.afm is another metadata file containing which version of capella and addons the project is related to.

For .capella / melodymodeller, it will contains the elements like you see them in Project Explorer

For representations, it is based on Sirius, there is some technical informations in here:

.project can be manipulated with Eclipse API.

all of these others files can be easily manipulated with Eclipse / EMF and have dedicated API
for instance, component.getAllocatedFunctions(), diagram.getDiagramElements(),
Thre three first tutorials shall be clarifying

In particular those API sections


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