Unable to select created activites

I’m a beginner to Capella and MBSE. This what I’ve done :

  1. In Operational Entity Breakdown Diagram, I added 1 actor, 1 entity.
  2. In Operational Capabality Diagram, I added 1 capability. I imported the previously created entity and actor, and then I used the Involvement option from palette to involve both the actor and entity.
  3. Created new Operation Entity Scenario, added the actor and entity’s timelines.
  4. Created Operational Architecture Diagram to add the activities. Imported the actor and entitiy. Inside each of them, I created operational activities. 1 inside actor, 1 inside the entity.
  5. Then went back to Operation Entity Scenario, in the respective timlelines I imported the created activities. I created Interactions from the palette as well.
    –> Next step is where I run into problems
  6. For interaction, I created new Operational Activity Interaction Diagram. From the palette when I want to import the activities, I can’t import all activities I created. Only some of them.
    I cannot see all the activities. I can only see the entity’s activities BUT NOT actor’s activities.
    How can I debug this?

Hi Aditya,
This is a bug in Capella 1.4.0, see here:
Two options for you:

  • either you switch to Capella 1.3.1
  • either you drag and drop activities in your diagram from the project explorer tree view
    All the best,

Hi Stephane,
Thank you very much.

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