Unable to add links and images to description boxes [1.2.2]

This is something I could previously do but I can no longer add hyperlinks and images to the description boxes of any Capella elements. I am using Capella version 1.2.2
When I try to add a hyperlink to anything, URL, diagram element etc then it just shows up as plain text. If I try to add an image, nothing happens.
Has anybody had anything similar? Is there a fix? Thanks

I am not able to reproduce your issue. The behaviour is the same on another project / in another workspace?

Hi Stephane,
Yes, the behaviour is the same on other projects and workspaces. I could not recreate this on another machine either.
I found that if I create a link of type URL and leave the “URL Display” field empty then I do get a link. However, none of the other options are working for me.
No errors come up in the error log window either.

I also have this issue in 1.3.0 and raised it previously

Hi, did you manage to find a solution?

@yashrupani What is your issue?