Transitioning to layer LA

Hello all,
What happens to my model is follwing, transitioning System FS to Logical FS:

1-Some of PVG are duplicated (when concerned model elements apply them I suppose): these PVG are in a specific folder under the model folder (under aird). PVG/PV Folders may be transitioned with if they are located under the layer folder… several times
2-I’m doing the last ones now, and the console says transition successful, without having any scenario data: Checked the semantic browser that reports only the SES as realizing scenario.
I suppose this happens because there is no new function nor exchange to add to model in this transition, if yes I see there an issue for the tool. I already set the memory allocation from 4GB to 8GB…
Thanks for information and suggestion
PS: I’m planning to modify my use of PV/PVG/EPT/EPL, could this help?