Transition problem

I am a new user using Capella version: 1.4.0 Build id: 201911211736 and I can not get transition to work.
I get the following error:
org.eclipse.core.runtime.AssertionFailedException: assertion failed: The Editing Domain must be not null and must be a Transactional one | Error | Transition management | null | Transition management | | 3:34:21 PM
I can get into the Transition screen - eg Actor Transition, but pressing either Apply or OK does not create the actors at the new phase.
This is true for Actors and System Function at least form SA to LA.
I had the same problem from OA to SA and just recreated the actors.
Anyone with some advice for me? I am trying to do the Toy Catapult tutorial.

Indeed there is an issue in this version on transitions with libraries.
This will be solved in the upcoming version 1.4.1.
You can try it on the latest
1.4.1 pre-release:
Best regards.

Thanks you
The beta version appears to work well.

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