Transition of physical links

At the System Analysis layer I have created physical links between the actors and the system.
I have transitioned to the physical layer and the same physical links exist between the Actor and the System; this is visible in the Semantic Browser.
However, it does not seem to be possible to put the System onto a diagram in the Physical Architecture layer. This means that I cannot ‘drag’ the physical port from the System onto a physical node.
Is there any way to do this?
If this is not possible, why are physical links allowed to be generated at the system layer? It means the port on the system can never be manipulated.
Thanks for any advice.

Hello Ian,
First of all, it is possible to create PL at SA level to mention an external physical interface constraint (or requirement) that is important for the system definition, and will have to be implemented at PA level later.
It should only be used for that and not of course for a (too) early design choice…
At PA level, do not forget that PL are only available between the (yellow) Node PC.
So you have to drag and drop the Physical Port from the Physical System onto a Node PC, but you can only do that in the Project Explorer after having removed the filter on the Physical Ports. You are right that the (blue) Physical System cannot be shown in a PAB, because at this level, it should be both yellow and blue?!
Hope it helps

Hi Pascal,
Thanks for the response.
I meant to post a reply when I figured it out… It turns out that you can get the “System” displayed as a yellow Node PC on a PAB!
I managed to do this by creating a new PAB and placing an actor on it that had been transitioned all the way from SA->LA->PA. That actor had transitioned with all of its physical ports on it from the SA layer. After placing the actor onto the PAB I then used the “Insert/Remove Physical Links” tool from the “Node Components” Pallet and clicked on the actor. I then moved over all of the associated physical links and clicked ok. Capella then creates a “System” Node PC on the PAB, which has all of the physical ports on it. This allowed me to drag those ports onto the child Node PCs of the “System” Node PC.
We had to create the physical links at the SA layer as our system is constrained by physical interfaces placed on us by our customer, so this is a real constraint that needs to be identified at the SA layer.
Kind regards,