Transition from LA to PA

Hello Again,

I am having some trouble when transitioning from LA to PA, most of the tutorials on the Capella website seem to end at LA or to jump to a completed PA so this part is especially difficult.

After performing the transition, my logical components have all become node physical components, I wanted them to be behavior components so I changed them using the property tool. Then I detailed them by creating new sub components (behavior).

I then created node components representing my circuit boards and started allocating behavior components to them.

For that I dragged the behavior components to a PAB diagram, opened the allocation tool and stetted their allocation to the corresponding node component, deleted them from the diagram and then used the deployed component tool on the node component.

The issue is that this method only works for the newly created components but not with the one transitioned, I can’t insert them on the diagram, and I can’t open the allocation management tool.

The validation tool reported that those components are not referenced by any part (rule id : DWF_DC_42) so I tried creating a new behavior component and moving the old ones into this one (in the project explorer tab and with the contained in tool in a PCBD diagram).
This doesn’t seem to do anything (in expert view there are no changes) and I still can’t allocate the components.

Could someone explain me what I am doing wrong and how to do it better?

Hi Luc,

First of all I have 2 questions : how do you perform the transition and what version of Capella are you using ? Because on my side, when I’m performing a transition of logical components to physical components, they become behaviors by default. But I am using Capella 1.3.2, so maybe it has been changed in 1.4.

Then, to allocate behaviors to nodes it should be way easier. Normally you just have to insert a node in a diagram, then select “Manage behavior PCs deplyoement” in the palette on the right side, left click on your node and select the behavior you want to allocate to it. It should automatically insert the behavior into the node. Did you try that way ?

Hope this helps

Hello Pierre,
Thank you for your response,

I am using Capella 1.4.1, I performed the transition by right clicking the elements I wanted to transition in the project explorer > transitions > LC/LA to PC/PA.

When transitioning leaf logical components they become Behaviors but root components become node.

Yes I discovered this way of allocating behaviors to nodes while looking for a solution to my problem, but the issue is still there. I don’t see the transitioned components in the tool, only the ones I have created in PA.

For the moment I have started to perform the “transition” manually, but if I could avoid doing it in the future I would quite enjoy it.

You may want to have a look at and

Thank you for your help,
I have done it manually for the moment. I hope the bug will be fixed soon.