Tracability of iterative export / import of Requirements (ReqIF file)


I already imported in my Capella model requirements using ReqIF file through ReqIF Studio (an equivalent to Doors).
I would like to export these requirements from Capella back to ReqIF Studio, modify them there and reimport them inside Capella, without loosing some informations (like Internal Requirements Allocation) I did on Capella.

Actually, I already managed to export the requirements through .csv files from Capella to ReqIF Studio, but when I reimport them in Capella, it doesn’t get that they are the same requirements then before (ReqIF Identifier changes).

I thank you in advance for you help

Have a nice day, Alice

Hi Alice,
I do not think there is an easy way to do this for the moment.
One option may be for you to look into Publication for Capella:

Thank you Stephane for your answer, I will check it out