toyCatapult file can not be found

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I am trying to learn how the tools works and I found that there is a tutorial of Catapult and I can not find the file of this project to open it in Capella so can some one help me.

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I am not exactly sure why you’re looking for a file, the goal of the tutorial is to learn how to build the model yourself. A Capella Tutorial - all the steps are explained here.

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Ok thanks for the knowledge

Since you posted in the document generation section of the forum, I’ll point you to the M2Doc extension for Capella. It can be useful if you want to go further with document generation and generate MS Word documents (.docx files) from your Capella models.

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Hi @Elkbbany,

There is a Catapult Capella .ZIP file ready for download: Catapult documentation under section 4 ( Import Capella Model from Zip file)

However, as @StephaneLacrampe did say the best would be to practise and hands-on learning with the example.

@YvanLussaud I think this post should be moved to under “Capella” and not “Document Generation”?

Hélder Castro

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Yes that would probably make sens. I don’t how the rights to do that however.



can someone help ??