Titleblocks and/ or gmf editing

The aim is to attempt to create a titleblock with the formatting locked for use across multiple diagrams rather than having to reformat and create new titleblocks everytime a new model diagram is made. If there are any other ideas for how to do this (maybe a way to use capella studio to create a specific element with a set size and text/ image input) then please respond!

Has anyone discovered a way to edit the gmf code within capella in order to adjust some of the ways capella displays its diagrams, then I can see if elements can be constrained in certain ways.

Any advice welcome!

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There is a way to define the default content for title blocks directly in the Capella Preferences

You can also check the top box to get automatically get a title block on a new diagram.

This option will on get an automatically inserted title with the correct content but you cannot modify the default style/size of the title block. In order to do so, a specific Capella extension needs to be developed. Something like allowing to copy the Title block element from a diagram may be a first way to do it but modifying the Capella code would be advised to extend the tooling capabilities.


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Gmf editing and/ or titleblocks.

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Hi Arnaud,

Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve attempted to create a new titleblock viewpoint in Capella Studio but with it being a new element block (or series of blocks) specific to a type of diagram I can’t copy the blocks I create across to other diagrams.
As you suggest, copying the titleblocks between diagrams would virtually solve all of my problems, do you think this capella extension could be done in capella studio somehow or would you recommend another method for me to try?

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