The 'NewTemplate" wizard is missing

When trying to make a new template, the “select a wizard” window only shows the “new generation” not the “new template” as shown in the help files.
Where is it?

The new template and project wizards were introduced in M2Doc 3.0.0. Are you using this version ? Otherwise you can refere to the documentation of your version of M2Doc either in the help contents of Eclipse (menu help/help contents) or online:
documentation menu and select your version of M2Doc.

Is there anyway you can use the 3.0.0 M2Doc with Capella 1.2.2. We are currently limited to moving forward in Capella versions.

If you are using services form the M2Doc Capella extension, from this services class:
org.obeonetwork.capella.m2doc.aql.queries.M2DocGenServices (
It will not be possible because of the version range of the containing plugin.
You can either move the class or its content to one of your services class or one of your plugin to remove the dependency.
If you don’t have any dependency to the M2Doc Capella extension, you can desinstall it from your Eclipse and install M2Doc 3.0.0 (or any version).
An other way of doing it is to install M2Doc 3.0.0 in a fresh Capella 1.2.2 then test your template. If you have errors about missing services, you probably have dependencies to M2Doc Capella extension.

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