The "Magical Header" would not work outside "sample_scripts"

I noticed that scripts that are outside of the folder “sample_scripts” would have inactive magical headers.

When i moved my script to the regular folder, it worked.
-Little feedback.

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Hello @KaBe ,
Thanks for your feedbacks.
I just opened an issue The “Magical Header” would not work outside “sample_scripts” · Issue #131 · labs4capella/python4capella · GitHub. Don’t hesitate to open other issues if you find some bugs etc.

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What is the magical header ?

Hello Yvan and welcome back.
The magical header has been described in the webinar at minute 26:54:

Simply put, it’s the 4 first comments in the script.

Thank you.

OK, for this header to work you need to tell EASE where to look for scripts. You can have a look at the documentation here, and more specifically the paragraph setting the preferences. After that, EASE will scan the folder and contribute menus:

  • Select the Window > Preferences menu
    • select the Scripting / Script Locations
      • add the folder by clicking the Add Workspace button