TeamServer connection failure

Hello! My office computer can connect to the local TeamServer.
But my colleague’s computer in the same LAN cannot connect to my TeamSever.

By typing ‘ping+ip address’ in cmd, his ip can connect to my computer.

There is no information in error log or console. So how can other computers connect to my Team Server?

Team for Capella is a commercial product, please contact Obeo support if you need help with it:
Stephane Lacrampe
Obeo Canada


Some of the errors and causes displayed in the “Repository location page” of the different Team for Capella wizards:

  • Cannot connect to the described Repository
    • With a ten seconds timeout
      • The server cannot be located
        • Wrong Repository host/port or ip:port not visible from the client
        • Server is not started
    • Immediate feedback
      • Wrong connection type
  • Repository not found: repoName
    • Immediate feedback
    • Server found, port ok, connection type ok but no Repository found for the given Repository Name.
  • No such user: userName
    • Immediate feedback
      • User not referenced in the user manager
  • Access Denied
    • Immediate feedback
    • Wrong password (the user has been found)

As said by Stephane, contact the support if you need help.


Maxime Porhel
Obeo - Team for Capella - Product Lead

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