System to subsystem transition : SA initialization


I have a question about the system to subsystem transition (vertical transition to SA).

The generated submodel does not contain all generic packages by default (see candidate model in the merge).
If there is no capabilities linked to the sybsystem (no components or functions involved in any capability of the system), the capability package is not present in the candidate model. It is the same for others (data, actors, …)

Is it a normal working of the tool ?
It may be easier for subsystem generation if the generic packages were present by default in the candidate model and just have an additional SID after the transtion… (as it is the case for packages containing elements from the transition)
If we do copy all to the right, unused packages are automatically deleted from the resulting model.

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Lisa Fumat
Subsystem transition 2.PNG

Hi Lisa,

I guess it depends how you initialized your target sub-system project/model in the first place, as it should have all these packages by default. Can you elaborate on how you didi this?

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Hi Stephane,

Thanks for your reply.

You will find some pictures attached.

I tried to do it by creating the submodel project before doing the transition and by creating it along the transition and I have the same results (pictures 3 & 4).

Before the transition, the submodel project have all generic packages,. The problem is in the diff merge window, the candidate model does not have all generic packages.

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System to subsystem transition 4 (project created before transition).PNG
System to subsystem transition.png
System to subsystem transition 2.PNG
System to subsystem transition 3 (project created when transiting).PNG

What is your version of Capella?