System to SubSystem transition add-on in practice

I think you cannot create a link between two existing models - the elements inside have unique/special IDs. The IDs are created by the System2SubSystem AddOn and so the elements can be identified (for the diff/merge) later on when you make an update with the System2SubSytem AddOn. You cannot associate one element in one model to another element in another model.
I think it would be very difficult to generate and keep consitency between such models.
REC/RPL could help in some cases.
Have a look at the topic and the answer from Stephane

I am completely in line with Richard’s reply and I confirm there is no way today to declare an existing model as the result of the transition from a higher-level system. The subsystem HAS TO be initialized in the first place from the system model.

The easiest way today to transfer elements from one model to another is to use the Capella diff merge, and choosing the following policy:

Back to my question about System to Subsystem add-on, i have some questions :

  • I found that Capella(1.1.3) can keep match IDs, so is there a possibility to declare one project as a subsystem of another even if it was created independently ?
  • Stephane has attached to his last message the diff-merge configuration window and it was different of the one that i have so is it Capella 1.2.0?
  • if i merge the subsystem to the system the new components will appear in my diagrams or not?
    Thanks in advance,

I am afraid I don’t have good answers for you.
There is no way changing the diff policies will allow you to identify one (subsystem) model as the model of a subsystem as if it was coming from an automated transition. The algorithms and model transformation provided buy the automated transition are not trivial.
In Capella 1.2.x, we have improved the diff/merge and make the label more user-friendly. What you would be able to to is compare two model created separately even if they have completely different IDs. But for elements at the same level, not for elements in the context of a system to subsystem automated transition

Can anyone tell me where to get the following page ?
I cannot find it in the System to SubSystem transition add-on, nor in its User Manual.
Thanks in advance.

This view was the diff view of the older versions of Capella and the transition add-on. It has been replaced by a standard,more complete diff/merge view presenting the differences in a tree, with both the candidate and result models.

OK, thanks for your reply !

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