System Safety Assessment ARP4761/4754 add-on

Does anybody know, if there are any add-ons that could help with a System Safety Assessment activities? Currently I am using ANSYS medini as a safety management tool that allows for full traceability from the system model down to system components and more. Browsing is easy and all benefits related to SysML MBSE are there. The set of tools like FHA, FTA, FMEA and more is there. Another alternative is Isograph Reliability Workbench with a System Safety Assessment module - similar functionality. I am looking for a Capella based alternative. I looked at the “Safety Viewpoint & MBSE-MBSA bridge for Safety Architect”, but it does not look similar. Does anybody have any ideas, if any other add-ons are available for System Safety Assessment goals? Thank you.

Hi Konstantin,
I suppose the webinar next week should be of interest to you: Webinar: Digitally Assisted Design for Safety by Obeo

Thank you Stephane! Very much appreciated!