System of systems - modelling multiple manufacturing machines

I’m looking to use Capella to model multiple separate subsystems, in this case, manufacturing machines that will operate in the same facility. The machines interact with the same products in different states of production. What would be the best way to model the systems in Capella?

Some of the actors/entities would be the same across all systems, e.g. the products at different states (modelled as different entities), personnel, facility resources such as overhead gantry crane, etc.

There are also different set of requirements from their respective customer technical requirement specifications.

To clarify, I’m asking what the best way to set up the project would be.

  1. Start with a project for the entire facility, create separate set of diagrams for each machine.

  2. Create separate project for each machine. With this option, I’m wondering if there’s a way to link the multiple projects together.

it depends…

What do you want to model? What purpose for?
How deep do you need to go into the details?

“Complete” modelling could be:

  1. Model the whole facility (e.g. with all machines you are interested in) => One MainModel
  2. do a System2Subsystem Transition for each machine you want/need to model in detail => n SubModels


It seems that starting with a project for all machines would be the way to go in either case.

Are there any case studies or examples of modelling such facilities or manufacturing systems available online for reference?

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