(System Function) is not realized by any logical function

I am quite new to Capella and I am trying to develop a systems engineering model for the requirements of a formula student car with its respective rules in the software. I have recently run into the following issue (refer to the attached PNG).
Specifically the yellow triangles.

I would thoroughly appreciate it if someone could explain this error to me, I am always trying to learn more about the software and this only appeared after I added the requirements VP. I do not know if these two issues are linked.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @NicholasB ,

From the diagram [SAB] diagram at System Analysis (SA), the tool is presenting a “warning”, the System Actor function is not realized at Logical Architecture (LA). That is, you may not have started to work at LA, hence, no transition of the functions may not have been done or a new function has been captured at SA and not transitioned. As soon as a transition from SA to LA is performed, the warning should clear.

I hope it does help.

Hi Helder,

Thankyou so much for your help!

So as I begin to work through the Logical Architecture Layer, the warning show clear?

Kind Regards

Correct @NicholasB , but only when you do a SA to LA functions transition. That will create a traceability link between layers.

You may wish to read further Understanding what is the open source and simplified Arcadia method

Those yellow warnings would be useful to be able to turn on/off when checking traceability.

Does anyone know how to turn them on/off?


Not sure this is this answer you’re looking for but you can select which validation rules you activate or not in the preference windows.
Also I suppose clearing the errors/warning from the information view would clear them from the diagram.