System Context

One question related to SysML. Usually, in most of the SysML methodologies, when we define the System Context, we create a block definition diagram to represent all the stakeholders of the system. For example, the most common stakeholder,‘Regulatory Affairs’ would be shown using a block linked to the system. However, we would not define a behavior for all the stakeholders in SysML.
Can we do the same in Capella to show a stakeholder? I would believe the Operational Entity is not a perfect way to represent ‘Regulatory Affairs’.

In Arcadia/Capella this would be in the System Needs Analysis perspective.
You can see that in slides 14, 15, and 16 of this pdf: _Sample_Model_1.0_Highlights.pdf
If ever you really don’t want to allocate meaningful functions to the actors, you could always create just one global function for each actor. This function would cover all the interactions of the actor with the system.

Thanks for the quick response, Stephane. And thanks for sharing the slides.