SysML activity diagram


Is it possible in Capella to define activity diagrams with the elements from SysML activity diagrams?

That is, I need to represent an Interruptible Activity Region. How can I do the same diagram with Capella.

*Attached an example modeled with another tool for reference only.


You may want to read this page about Capella and SysML:

You can reproduce somehow the activity diagrams in Capella. But the SysML language is not implemented by Capella. Hence, constructions such as interruptible activity regions are not implemented neither.

However, the intended behaviour can be represented using other means. For instance, using Modes States Machines, specifying the functions that are enabled on each mode and the exchanges that trigger a transition to another mode.

Hope this helps.

Thank you Juan for the link.

Modes and states are not enough to capture an interruption.
Not possible to model an interruption on Capella?

There is no “execution” semantics in Capella DFD, and by the way no “Activity start” and “Activity end” … So you cannot interrupt something which has not started! :wink:
It is somehow different from UML2/SysML activity diagrams, as explained in the Capella web page.

To sum up: Capella IS NOT a SysML tool, even if you can mimic a lot of SysML diagrams with it…

As I understand mode and states can be easily used to model interruption region.

But it’s not always comfortable to model control flow on statecharts in parallel with modeling data flow in functional decomposition.

I investigate using Behaviour Tree notation to model control flow in functional decomposition (without statecharts). See my post on behaviour trees in Capella.

In behaviour trees interruptible regions also can be modeled easily.

see also my comment on different ways to model control flows in Capella

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