Sync updates between architecture levels

Is there a way to synchronize updates between architecture analysis levels?

For example, say I create an operational activity at the operational analysis level. Then perform an automated transition of it to the system analysis level. At this point they are two separate artifacts, with the same name.

I want to update the name of one and sync the update to the other. Is this possible?

To update, you request again the transition, and the item at the other end of the realization link appears in a diffmerge menu: you can select the differences to apply to system.
This make me think to another question: is there another to update a transformed scenario after an update in the FS view? So far either I copy manually the change, or I kill the ES and IS and recompute them. Some of data does not cross, like state instances (from ES functional to behavorial or to IS), so I do not report them.
The same for alreday transitioned SFS to LFS: or I rework manually, or I have to replace: kill and recompute. Then I have to reconnect the “interaction use” that call sub-scenarios in dependant scenarios…
Thanks for any improvement idea or information.

that you. that is great feedback. Off topic slightly, I have been researching and using several MBSE tools, focusing on Enterprise Architect and Capella. I love the practicality of the ARCADIA method and the visual layout of it in Capella. Where Capella seems to lack is the automatic dynamic syncing of changes to other levels. This can be handled in a tool like EA across stereotypes, but EA lacks great methodology without significant custom setup, like Capella offers right off the bat. Ideally I want to model using the ARCADIA method in EA, but looks like I’m going to need to build that out from scratch. For now I am promoting Capella to develop the architecture, and once more mature will transfer it into a custom ARCADIA/OOSEM framework around the SysML language in EA. But that will be alot of work to figure out. :slight_smile:

Answering on your initial question:
This is not built-in, and there is a reason for it: Transiting elements from one level to another level is often used as an “initialization” of the information to the next level. But then, the work starts and the information changes. Like an activity at the OA level will generally not be exactly the same at the next level. It may be decomposed/realized by more than one function for example. Some keeping them in sync does not necessarily make sense.
Now having said that, there are certainly things that do not change. So I understand your need. For those cases, one way to do it could be to develop a Python script using Python4Capella. Then you conld run this script by right-clicking on elements that you want to sync.

I hope this helps.