Switch Category/Component exchange fails

we have a fairly complex LAB diagram, which we are to provide in a simplified view by grouping Component Exchanges into Categories. A Component Exchange assigned to a Category is not hide in favour of the Category it belongs to.
Moreover, if we remove the Category from the diagram, there is anomalous behavior, since when trying to switch the Category with Component Exchanges, the switch is not complete, with part of Category Exchanges left. Moreover, when trying to switch back to Category Exchanges, it remains on the right side of the Selection Wizard.

Could this behaviour due to a corruption of the model? For your information, all components associated to the exchanges are included the diagram.

Thank you
Pier Giorgio

Hi all,
I found a workaround to solve this issue by temporarily moving the logical component target of the categories inside and then outside another component in the diagram. This action restores the correct behavior.

Any hint?
Pier Giorgio

Difficult to say anything without seeing what is going on
If you are able to record a short video so that the actions can be reproduced, that would help