sub functions allocation

I hope this topic hasn’t been already raised. Maybe this is corrected with the last Capella version .
Just to inform of a strange behaviour :
I use Capella 1.3.1.
I a LDFB diagram, I refined a SystemFunction1, for eg, with two leaf functions.
In a LAB diagram, when using “manage function allocation” on the logical system , those leaf fonctions appear in addition with the mother SystemFunction1 .
That seems graphically strange. Validation model raises it as non correct also happily. The Semantic browser describes correct parent function
By redoing an “allocated function” on this LAB, things go on correctly ( LAB shows either mother function, either leafs functions.


Hi Julie,
This is a normal behavior I would say. In your process, you may do your logical architecture and allocate functions to components. Later in your process, you may refine some functions as you did. As soon as you do that, you’ll notice that the validation will raise the same error you got, even if you don’t go to the LAB. So this means that you have to look a your high level functions that were previously allocated to components and change those allocations to the leaf functions. The tool could do it automatically, but then you would loose this information, it is better to do it manually using the validation.
In other words, Capella let you have a “not completely correct versions of models” as you are in the process of modifying your model, and then the validation is a very good tool to help you to make a “good” Capella model, provided that you have selected the appropriate validation rules based on your modeling goals.
All the best,

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