Stereotypes or dynamic kinds.


would you consider extending Arcadia methodology by adding stereotypes (similarly to UML/SysML) or making (Physical) Component Kinds freely definable? Current strict and closed list is not very useful, I assume, to majority of system designers. Even MathWorks found a necessity to implement stereotypes in their System Composer tool:


You might want to have a look to the PVMT add-on available for download on the Capella webiste:

There is also a dedicated webinar explaining how PVMT works and what it does:

Thanks Stephane,
it should work for me. Do you plan integrating this add-on with Capella permanently? The problem with add-ons is that they are never updated fast enough to be compatible with latest version of Capella, e.g. this one still requires Capella 1.4.0, where 1.4.2 has been released already.


The last version of PVMT works with Capella 1.4.x. I tested it.