State diagram: Constraint traceability

Inside state diagram, we are able to create some state and some transition. Inside a transition we are able to define some guard based on constraint (ex : counter > 10) , we are able to link this constraint to a ‘constrained element’. In the semantic browser we could see the link between the ‘constraint’ and the ‘element’, but when we select the ‘element’ inside the semantic browser we don’t see the link with the ‘constraint’. Could you explain me how to see this link ? thanks

There is no specific explanation other than… “this evolution would be welcome in the tool :)”
I invite you to create a request:
https:// Capella&resolution=—

Could you explain how to create a ticket please ?

Actually I did not give the best link:
I invite you to click on Capella in this page:
(you will probably need to create an account)

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