Stakeholder Diagrams

We regularly do stakeholder diagrams for Model Based Systems Engineering.
What’s the best way to do stakeholder diagrams in Capella/Arcadia?

Hi Chris,
would the ‘Contextual System Actors Diagram’ fit your need?
It is automatically generated from the model description, such as the system Architecture :

In Capella you can use several views regarding the stakeholders in Operational Analysis and System Analysis steps.
In System Analysis :

  • [CSA] Contextual System Actors diagram : allows you to define the stakeholders (Actors in Arcadia)
  • [SAB] System Architecture diagram : allows you to further define the exchanges between the System and the Actors
    In Operational Analysis, you can also define how the stakeholders (Operational Entities and Actors in Arcadia) interact independently of the System, through [OAB] Operational Architecture diagrams. And you can also define how Stakeholders organizations (Entities) are broken down, through [OEBD] diagrams.

Wow, thanks, that solved it in one diagram!

thank you, this really solves a problem for one new to Capella.

Is anything similar to Onion Diagram, allowing to distribute stakeholders by “layers”?

The Filtering addon should allow that