Specific concepts in Operational Analysis level

I would really appreciate your help with answering a couple of questions about some specific concepts in Operational Analysis level of the metamodel Capella/Arcadia. For documentation, I have got the books of Mr. P.Roques and J-L. Voiron and also capella documentation from github, and I’m still using capella 5.0.

First of all, could you describe those classes (“Concept”, “Concept Compliance” , “ItemInConcept”) and explain how to manage them in Capella?

Secondly, there is the same interrogation for the following classes: “CommunityOfInterest”, “CommunityOfInterestComposition”.

Thirdly, how do we create with Capella an “Operational Mission” (it seems that only system mission is available) and how to manage a “capability configuration” ?

Thanks for your time and consideration.



Operational Mission is an Arcadia concept that has not (yet) been implemented in Capella.

For the others, I wonder if they are not abstract concepts, meaning that they are not directly implemented in the tool, but concepts in the tool that inherit from them are implemented.

Thank you for your answer.
I just have checked, these concepts are not abstract and no other class inherits from them. I would be happy to receive any information in order to use these concepts.
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Hi Sylvain,

You may have a look at this tread for a kind of workaround for displaying Missions at the Operational Level Were missions removed?
(Still it is just about displaying, the underlying concept is still a capability)


Thanks for your answer.

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