Shared operational activity

Hi, newbie question here.

I’m modeling a simple example for my own learning. It’s a delivery service (system); a sender can send a package, the delivery service delivers the package.

A Sender hands in their package and would like to TRACE the status of the outgoing package.
The Reciever of the package would like to TRACE the status of the incoming package.

How would you model this in the OAB and OAIB diagrams?
I have a SENDER and one RECIEVER. As I see it; It would be great to have the Operational Activity “Trace package” as one, single OA, but as far as I understand, this operational activity can only be allocated to one role (e.g. the Sender). The exact same activity is done by the Reciever. Should I simply duplicate the activity (“Trace package as Sender” and “Trace package as Reciever”). Seems I’m not getting this correctly.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi Boomer,

welcome to the forum!

One Arcadia (Capella MBSE method & language) methodological consideration that I think is the source of your problem: You should not talk about the system in the Operational Analysis perspective as the operational Analysis main goal is to describe the users needs or “what the users of the future system need to accomplish”.

In operational analysis, it is normal to have two distinct operational activities one for the sender and one for the receiver.
But in the System Analysis when you are introducing the system you will definitely create a dedicated system function for the tracking allocated to the system and it will be used (it will have functional exchanges) by the sender and receiver.

I will make a few diagrams to better explain this in a second :slight_smile:

please consider that is incomplete and just an example :slight_smile:

a possible partial view of the system focussing on package tracking (again it is incomplete, but just to give you an idea).

You can also consider at this level that actually you do not necessary need to differentiate the sender and the user if the scope of you system is just to provide tracking of packages.

hope that it helps!

This is the current OAB where I have allocated activities to roles. This is where, I believe, I cannot allocate one activity (trace package) to two roles (sender + reciever), So i added two trace actvities. Sorry for the Swedish language, but I translated the most important parts, the rest is pretty much similar to what you have modelled.

Hi, I’ve been thinking about aggregating the tracking into a “Tracking user” much like you have done.

However, the sender and reciever are two quite different roles, so I would like to keep them separated, however, they both need to use the system function “Trace package” and in my case via the same interface (e.g. Web UI). So, from the Operational activity down to logical view I now have two activities/functions which are the same. It must be a beginners error… Or?

EDIT: Sorry; I now understand. The OA can have two similar activities (Trace package), but in the system function i define ONE tracing function, which can be used by the two Roles.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m really a beginner in Capella and Arcadia and I’m trying to make my own sample project.

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