Semantic browser updates for viewpoint

I’ve not found much guidance on how to get the semantic browser to correctly pick up and query new extensions created as part of a viewpoint. The one page I have found briefly mentions updating the plugin.xml and the manifest.

Is there any better guidance out there? Is it necessary to write new queries in java for the extension?

I was hoping the semantic browser queries were generic enough to handle extensions/viewpoints.



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In order to contribute content to the semantic browser you indeed need to use the extension described here: Semantic Browser · eclipse/capella Wiki · GitHub
And yes, you need to first declare your contribution to the extension in the plugin.xml and then provide the class containing the implementation for the query.

To my knowledge the generic semantic browser contents are about the context element parent element, contained representation and some other relations like these but most queries are specific to some elements so they do not rely on generic relations.

Maybe you could contribute a query to Capella retrieving the content of the ownedExtensions relation to get the extension/viewpoints content and open an [issue][Issues · eclipse/capella · GitHub) about it.