Seeking Help: Simulation toolkits on MBSE Tools;

Hello dear community

I have a question regarding the simulation functionality in MagicDraw 2021x. It seems that the simulation feature is not visible or active on our current MagicDraw license. I’m wondering if there is a need to install a plugin to enable this functionality or if there’s another way to make the “Run” button appear.

I remember that this simulation feature was enabled by default in my educational license of Cameo System Modeler, which has a similar interface to MagicDraw.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance or insights from the community on how to enable or access the simulation feature in MagicDraw. If there are any specific plugins or settings that need to be configured, please let me know.

Thank you all in advance for your support and expertise!

Best regards,

Maybe you’ll be lucky and find someone in the Capella community that knows about Cameo, but generally speaking, it is unlikely you’ll get an answer from here, Capella is kind of competing with Cameo.