schema of melodymodeller file

Hello All,
I am new in this forum. I have played the Capella for while. It is a such powerful MBSE tool.
I has modeled a very simple system and would like to extract some of the interested data from the model. I tried to use C# serialization to parse the melodymodeller file.
Well, it seems the structure definition of melodymodeller is quite complicated. So i am looking for the schema definition file of melodymodeller file. I did some research but found nothing useful.
I am not sure whether it is appropriate to ask for the schema file or is there any better way to extract the data from the model?
By the way, does Capella support customized element? Like specified software as behavioral component?

The most effective way to work with Capella models programmatically is to use an EMF API
EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework) provides the way to work with EMF models programmatically (from JAVA).
Capella model is an EMF model.
Capella Meta Model is defined in ecore format and can be downloaded from ns/ ns/
You can download ecore tools to load and analyze Capella meta models in ecore format.
You can also see an tutorial how to use EMF
There is a way to convert ecore meta model description into xsd.
But I would not recommend this way. If you plan to work with Capella models
you should use EMF.
To generate code from EMF models you can use Acceleo
Or you can use Capella Studio with ecore tools installed.
In Capella Studio there are some examples how to generate code from Capella model
using Composer Tool (File -> New -> Example -> Kitalpha examples -> Composer basic example

Couldn’t have said it better!
Thanks Dmitry wrote on Thu, 22 February 2018 03:51
Couldn’t have said it better!
Thanks Dmitry
I am glad it was usefull!

unbelievable, finally, I got the response almost one year later.
Thank you so much. you are the best.