Scenario Transition ( SA -->LA)

I have some problems when I want to do a transition from a system fonction scenario to a logical fonction scenario. The diagram does not appear in the logical analysis area but the resul of the transition it appears to be succesfull.
Is it possible to do a transition from SA to LA of one scenario? I would like to have the same diagram, one with the system fonctions and another one with the logical fonctions and logical components.
Thank you for your help

When you perform a transition of a scenario, it only creates the model elements and not the diagram.
However, you can re-create the diagram afterward by selecting the resulting scenario in the project explorer (scenarios are stored under the capabilities) and do right click, New Diagram / Table, and select the scenario diagram.
The diagram will be automatically filled-in with all the elements created by the transition.

Thank you for your answer. I realised just after sending this message that I could create the diagram by cliking in “new diagram”.
In relation with this answer, I would like to know which is the difference when doing a transition between:
-System function scenario to logical function scenario initialization
-Function scenario to exchange scenario initialization
Normally I use the first one but I am not sure I am doing it in the right way.
Thank you for your answer.

The transition you use “System Functional Scenario to Logical Functional Scenario Initialization” is the right one to make a transition from System Analysis to Logical Architecture.
The other one “Functional Scenario to Exchange Scenario Initialization” is used to transform a function scenario (functions are represented as lifelines) into an exchange scenario (system, components, actors are represented as lifelines) inside the same Arcadia step.
For example:
Starting from this Functional Scenario
And this allocation of functions on system and actors
You get this Exchange Scenario