Scenario diagram including several operational capabilities realization

Hello, I´m working on Operational Analysis identifying the following needs:

  • Perform measurement1
  • Perform measurement2
  • Perform a full measurement cycle (which implies to select what measurement you want to perform: measurement1, measurement2 or both; and then perform selected measurements)

I don´t know what it is the best way to include this in the Operational Analysis. I´m considering the following approaches:

1- Define 3 capabilities: measurement1, measurement2 and full measurement cycle
2- Define 2 capabilities: measurement1, measurement2
3- Define 1 capability: full measurement cycle

What do you think it is the best one?

At the end, I would like to have an Operational Scenario diagram with the full measurement cycle, where measurement1 and measurement2 could be enabled or disabled

Just my quick thoughts…

If you are talking about needs my first question is who is the actor that has this need.

I only see one capability to “perform measurements”.

Are there any other actors or entities invovled in performing measurements?

Once you answer these questions you have enough to form an OCB Diagram.

You can attach a Scenario diagram to the Capability.

Hope that helps.


Also my thoughts:

  • You may have 3 capabilities and link them with an “Includes” link
  • “Perform measurement1” sounds like a function to me…