Save Button on Rich Text Fields

Hello everyone,

Hopefully a simple question.

On a text field that has a Rich Text Option e.g. the description Tab in the Properties window of an element there is a button which says “save editor content”.

Is there any reason why this button ever needs to be clicked? Is there a particular use case where pressing save is important?



I don’t think there is… This component is reused from another Eclipse project, so it probably comes with the save button, but I don’t think it has any effect, for sure it does not save the Capella model. I may be wring but that’s my impression.

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No, it’s mostly used when the description is quite long, contains images, or if you switch between long description of elements, the pc can be quite laggy to display the html rendering. In some cases the automatic save of the description will not save it properly so a save button ensures that it is saved properly.
But if you don’t see the issue yet, then it is probably not useful in your case :slight_smile:


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