Safety viewpoints

Hello Jonathan,
What is the current status of the 3 Safety Viewpoints within Safety Architect (in particular the first viewpoint (for FHA) which was intended to be completed for development in August 2017 according to your email below)?
I have also been reading that Safety Architect allows exporting the generated fault trees to dedicated fault trees tools like ©FaultTree + or open source tools using Open PSA standard, but not with ©Cafta or ©Relex? Can you please confirm if this is accurate?
Thanks in advance!

are the safety viewpoints already available in Capella?
-as it was demoed here:
Anyone succeeded with it?

The Safety viewpoint in Capella and the full integration with Safety Architect tool ( demonstrated in this video is available but the new version of this tool chain will be released at the end of the month, with more features, like the exported data preview and selection in Capella, the type of block fully managed (physical, logical and functional architecture), the allocation relation taken into account by the propagation, etc.
Thus I advise you to wait for this new release. By the way, you can contact us at the following mail address:

Thanks Jonathan

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