Run configuration for Capella studio 1.2.1

Dear all,
as stated in the title, I would like to ask what the correct product/application to use in run configurations for Capella Studio 1.2.1 is.
On 1.2.0 one was supposed to use the org.polarsys.capella.rcp.product, this is in 1.2.1 no longer available. Starting the application, as in pre-1.2.0 versions results in an exception:
Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
– Sergio

Same problem!
As a bypass, I run Capella Studio, and then I change the perspective to Capella …

Dear Pascal,
Thanks a lot!
I found this bypass to work with v.1.2.1, however not with the new 1.3.0 Release Candidate.
Switching the perspective to Capella works, but if I create a new Capella Project, the links to create diagrams from the Capella activity explorer do not work, and so no diagramas/elements can be created. Also, the Capella Project Explorer does not display the model architecture(s). I have attached a log file for the exception thrown when creating a new Capella project in case someone is interested.

Hello Sergio,
Sorry for my late answer.
You can download a new version of Capella Studio 1.2.x here: stSuccessfulBuild/artifact/releng/plugins/org.polarsys.capel This version includes Capella product. Notice that version is not official.
You can also download Capella Studio 1.3.0 - RC2 which includes Capella product: stable/1.3.0RC2/
Best regards,

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