Run Capella Studio 6.1 - SWT Resource was not properly disposed

Hello Capella community,

I have recently encountered an issue in my Capella Studio where an error message “Not properly disposed of SWT resource” is being reported in the console. Upon investigation, it appears that the error is being generated in a class that I do not directly control, possibly related to managing graphical resources.

The complete error message is as follows:

Information when I try to open the class

I’ve already tried to restart Capella Studio, but the issue persists.

If anyone has encountered a similar problem or has suggestions on resolving this specific error, I would be grateful for any assistance or guidance.

I appreciate any help you can provide.

Hi Meziane,

This issue come from Eclipse 4.19.0. It is not related to Capella code.

It is fix in Eclipse version 21.3.2 (cf SWT Resource was not properly disposed · Issue #12134 · dbeaver/dbeaver · GitHub) So it might be fixed in Capella 7.0, as it will use a newer version of Eclipse.

You can check here a possible workarround : eclipse - Java - java.lang.Error: SWT Resource was not properly disposed - Stack Overflow

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Hi Spadow,

Thank you for your feedback, i will check the links.

Kind regards