Run Capella from Eclipse with addons

Hi all,

I develop some plugin that can work with Capella elements in Capella model.
Capella model for opening requires some addons like Filtering, Requirements Viewpoint.

I try to run Capella with my plugin via Eclipse, it starts but I cannot open model in Capella due to addons not found.

I downloaded addons as a dropins and installed it in Capella folder (capella/dropins).
In Eclipse run configuration I tried to use:

  2. Set custom ini file with path to dropins folder.

Is it possible to run Capella with dropins from Eclipse?

Thank you,

Yes its doable, but you need to refer each dropin/eclipse folder manually.

In the screenshot here, we refer to Requirement :

I have updated Development-Environment with this how-to.



Thanks a lot, problem was solved!


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