Revecoring EPL referenced by EPV

Hello all,
Enumeration Property values refer to enumeration property literals which belong to enumeration property types. In the tree you see these values “EPV name → EPL name”.
In semantic browser the selected element is “EPV name → EPL name”, but EPL is not in referenced element.
My issue is if I send my EPV to a mass view: in the column name, there is “EPV name” only.
I can’t check in mass links between EPV and EPL as no trace join them, or at least this trace does not appear in a full mass visualization view. So I’m not able to see useless EPL/EPT nor doubling EPL/EPT.
For the moment I can’t use P4C due to anaconda removal or at least incompatible python version.
Does someone have an idea?
Capella 6.0, no PVMT, I’m checking this since SA layer, then following.

PS: EPL and EPT always appear as isolated item: I don’t have even the parent EPT of an EPL.