Reuse requirements from one project to another

Hi everyone,
I recently used the requirements add-on for a project. As there was no ReqIF file available for those requirements, I had to create hundreds of requirements into Capella by hand.
I now need to reuse those requirements for another Capella project. I already worked in the past with reusability features such as patterns or rec/rpl with libraries, so I thought it would be easy to reuse them.
However, after trying three different solutions to get the requirements in my new project, none of them have been successful. Here is the list of the solutions I tried :
Patterns : I created a pattern with all my requirements, and then I applied the pattern on my other project in addition mode, but nothing happened (but no error !).
Diff/Merge : I then tried to use the “Compare with -> Each other as models” method to move my requirements from a copy of the model containing the requirements to my new model. Again, nothing happened, and again, no error to report.
Libraries : I then wanted to try to use REC/RPL and libraries to reuse my requirements into my new model. First, I had to move my requirements to a newly created library, as the model that contains the requirements is not a library. I then had to use the transfer view, but again, nothing happened and nothing appears in the library after the transfer. And again, no error.
Does anyone have a clue of what is happening ? Requirements seems to be particular objects that does not act as other Capella objects in terms of reusability. But I can’t figure out why, and I don’t have any other solution to try for now.
Thanks for reading,
Edit : I am using Capella 1.3.2 with the compatible requirement viewpoint.

Update#1 : I managed to move my Requirements to the library (I just forgot to change the parameter from read only to read and write when I referenced the library). However, same result when I instanciated the REC of my Requirements from the library to my project, nothing happened and no replica was created.

Update #2 : I tried the same solutions but in the version
1.4.1 of Capella (with the compatible requirements add-on), and I got the exact same problem.

Update#3 : I finally managed to solve my problem !
Basically, what I did is that I created an empty requirement folder as well as an empty types folder in my other project, and then I used the merging feature of patterns to merge the requirements/types contents with those empty folders.

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