Reuse of components to simplify diagrams


I am trying to show several time the same component on diagram to simplify the diagram as sometimes components are connected through FE/CE/PL with multiple components. And it makes the reading complex (in particular in PAB diagram for me)

I though with the notion of parts it could be manage but I didn’t see any explanation on the use of parts in the Help Explorer, but maybe I didn’t look at the right place.

Any ideas ?


Generally, I would not recommend using parts in Capella.
In your case, probably the best is to duplicate your diagram so that you can have a specific focus on each diagram.
Stephane Lacrampe
Obeo Canada

Thank you Stephane. Yes I understand perfectly that represent one component several time is not recommended, and that it can break somehow the spirit of system engineering (and maybe the model data base ?).

I have some diagrams that enable a specific focus on a specific topic, but we have a need from different stakeholders to have an overview of the system. But this view is obviously complex when the diagram displays all the components and all the interfaces between them.

It could help the reading to use parts for different reasons while being aware that it should not be abused, and that it can bring a certain bias.

If it is possible to use parts, could you explain me how to use them please?


Parts are always here in Capella, but there are hidden - you can make them visible by changing the filters in your project explorer view.
From there, I am unsure how you are supposed to use these parts, and even less sure if that would enable you to display them in a diagram. But maybe someone else can help. Sorry.

Ok thank you, no pb

From what I have seen, I think that parts can be display in sequence diagram in particular, but not in architecture diagram.
The Help Explorer mentions a “Reuse Components palette tool” but I have not been able to display that palette tool.



To enable theses menus and the reusable parts, you need to enable the “Reusable mode” of Capella.

On a new project, you need to enable the “Allow reuse components through parts on the wizard” that can be enabled by Windows > Preference > Capella > Model > Allow reuse of component"

On an existing project,
Windows > Preference > Capella > Project Explorer > enable Project, apply.
Then the root project is now displayed in the Project Explorer.

Display the properties of the “projectApproach” element that is displayed and change the value to ReusableComponents.

Now you can define that a component contains several parts of another component, or use cardinalities.

Note that it changes a bit the approach, as in my model, i only have 3 components, a Moto, A bike and a Wheel. The wheel is reused in both Bike and Moto.
It can start to be confusing when mixing with functions, if a function is allocated to the Wheel, then it will be the same function that may be displayed in the three locations, meaning that it’s the same instance afterward. REC/RPL may suit the need better, or not, depends.


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Thank you, Philippe, I did not know how this was working!

Thank you Philippe ! Seems interesting !
I will try on my model to see if it answers the need