Reuse components of one model in another model

Hi all,
I am trying to reuse components form one model to another model.
For this, in the model explorer view I added my model into the second one.
It works fine.
But now I would like to use component exchange betwwen components of the two models.
When I try to use component exchange I am facing with violation of integrity of the model.
I seems to be not possible to make link between components of two model.
How can I do this ?

Hi Jean-Pierre,
Not sure what you mean when you say " in the model explorer view I added my model into the second one" but if you’re interested in model reuse with capella, you should look at this webinar "Strategies and tools for model reuse with Capella ":

Thank you.
In the Model Eplorer view, It’s possible to add a reference from one model to another (cf. capture)
This work fine, but it’s not possible to add links between this two model.


I think you should avoid using the Model Explorer view with Capella and stick to the Capella perspective which uses the Project Explorer view, in this one you can’t add a model as you do.
I mean, what you are trying to do may be working, but in any case, if your goal is to do resue between Capella models, you should use REC/RPL and librarires.

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